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A Project to Build

a New Performance

and Community Venue


in Thornbury


Arts and Community in Thornbury Ltd (ACT) has been set up as an independent, not for profit organisation, solely with the purpose of developing and building new community facilities and a modern arts and performance venue. The organisation is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. 


Our vision

Our vision has always been to introduce a new performance venue to Thornbury, capable of supporting the needs of the town and the surrounding area. However, the scope of the project has altered over time, with a strong emphasis on ‘community’. We would like to re-build and modernise the facilities that are currently available to the community in the Armstrong Hall Complex. At the heart of this development would be a well-equipped, modern, flexible theatre. Surrounding it there would be rooms for exhibitions, workshops, dance studios, meeting rooms, a cinema and a recording studio. There would be a cafe/bar all day and every day. Our vision includes the replacement of the Armstrong Hall, Thornbury Museum and the Old Bakery Annex. We would introduce vastly improved facilities to support all existing user requirements, including the Museum, ensuring that the needs of the community are fully supported for many years into the future.

The new theatre would be the perfect venue for major events held during the annual Thornbury Arts Festival. Professional touring groups would visit regularly throughout the year. The venue would be a focus for the town and a centre of creativity and entertainment for the whole community, attracting audiences from all over South Gloucestershire and beyond. Importantly, local performance and fine arts groups would have subsidised opportunities to use the facilities. This is a community project, and, as such, all the facilities would need to be readily available to all groups.


Meet the Team

We have a tireless group of people who are passionate about Thornbury, its wellbeing and future. All types of community groups, as well as amateur performance organisations, would benefit from what we’re proposing. More than that, such a facility would be seen as an asset and an attraction for the town, drawing in visitors from far and wide, raising Thornbury’s profile and helping businesses & restaurants to flourish.

The ACT organisation comprises an Executive Committee, a Steering Group, the Community Group and the Business Group. In addition, members of the groups volunteer to work on other committees, including work with the Armstrong Hall Charitable Trust (AHT), Armstrong Hall Management team, theatre consultants, architects and our fundraising consultancy.


Committee Members

Chris Roberts – Chairman of ACT, member of the Business Group and the ACT/AHT Working Group
Philip Darley – A founder member, immediate past chairman, member of the Executive, member of the Community Group and the Design Team
Dylan Griffiths – Head of the Business Group and member of the Executive
Lyn Bedford – A founder member, Company Secretary and member of the Executive
Barbie Davies – A founder member, member of the ACT/AHT Working Group and the Design Team
Kate Philipson-Masters – Head of the Community Group
Adrian Dennis – Head of ACT/AHT Working Group and member of the Business Group
Rex Sackett – Member of the Business Group
Nalin Parmar – Member of the Business Group
Jenny Dennis – Membership Secretary and member of the Community Group with shared responsibility for events management
Jackie Jackson – Member of the Community Group and jointly responsible for events management
Ruth Piolle – Member of the Community Group
John Rowley – Member of the Community Group
Mary Hoad – Member of the Community Group and part of the membership team